Termites What Are They?

What do they look like?

Termites are small in size,translucent,wingless about 1/8 in length. (if you want to measure them…)

In Florida subterranean and Dry Wood termites are the most common. They live in subterranean tunnels and they can do damage to your home in just a few days! They love warm damp weather. Guess what exactly what we have in Florida.

How to identify them…

  • Mud tubes
  • Small piles of wings
  • Hollow wood
  • Cracked paint
  • Maze hollow tunnels
  • Sagging walls and ceilings

How to get rid of them?

In order to keep Termites under control there professional companies who offer Termite control combined with their regular pest control for your house. Many house policies won’t cover the charges associated with tenting your house.

If you have a house with termites and would like to sell you can call us at 813-296-2581


The cost for treating them can be around $4,000